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Victorias Antique Warehouse


Posted on May 12, 2011 - 0 Comments

Categories: Armoires, Custom creations, Farmhouse Table, French Finds, Chalkboards, Bookcase

When you think of antique stores, custom-making future antiques doesn't normally come to mind. But at Victoria's Antique Warehouse, that is exactly what we do. Along with the beautiful, one-of-a-kind antiques Vicky buys in France and Belgium, she also has an enormous warehouse attached to the back of the store that holds more of these wonderful collectibles. Tons of architectural remnants, corbels, pillars, windows, doors, shutters, ironwork, tin and so much more are available to buy "as is" or turned into something else. From this, our team of highly skilled artisans transform these salvaged pieces into a myriad of home furnishings and decorative accents. Here's a sample of what we do: space Beautiful antique French windows are always something Vicky is looking for. With their old hinges and hardware and elegant, solid design, they are the perfect architectural piece for so many ideas. Inspired by their beauty and size, Vicky collaborated with her master carpenter Jason and came up with this glorious piece: space space This incredible armoire/bookcase came about entirely from old French windows. As you can see, the windows provide the front doors which (when opened) have three sturdy shelves lined with beautiful old bead board. Our master painter and detailer (Timmy and Chrissy) painted, streaked, distressed and waxed to give this bookcase its incredible look. space space space One of our many old cupboard doors. Chrissy transforms them into charming little chalkboards. space space As you can see, the original hinges and hardware are still there. Chrissy then turns it into a functioning chalkboard by adding slate paint and highlighting the frame with the color of your choosing. She can make it as fancy or rustic as you like by adding or subtracting to the decoration. These have been extremely popular because of their novelty and functionality. space space This is as basic as you get: a mountain of heart pine lumber. What did Vicky and Jason turn it into? space space A fantastic farmhouse table. This piece would be a true focal point in anyone's home. All custom-made, the table expands with two leaves to comfortably seat ten people. The bold trestle-style base is hand-painted a deep, rich black. The top has a wraparound pine inlay that has become a signature look of Jason's work. This is a statement piece in a timeless, classic style that will be used and cherished for many years to come. space space And here is the team that makes it all happen. That's Timmy (left), Chrissy (middle) and Jason (right). (Ruger's in there too, our Labrador store mascot.) Their skill and creativity (along with Vicky's skill and creativity) make it possible to turn plain lumber into farmhouse tables, cupboards into chalkboards and antique windows into bookcases. And that's just a small sample of what they can do. Kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, entertainment centers, dressers, beds, benches, the list goes on, not to mention all the custom-made accent pieces that helps complete the final look. Stop in anytime. We'd be happy to help you create that perfect piece for your home. Or just browse through the shop and enjoy the beautiful selection of European as well as American antiques.

Charming Chalkboards

Posted on April 01, 2011 - 0 Comments

Categories: Around The Shop, Chalkboards

space These custom chalkboards are just perfect for so many uses in your home. We all have some kind of message board in our house, but most are pretty makeshift and ineffective. Instead of posting your notes on the refrigerator door, why not try something a little more attractive? space space These chalkboards are made from old cabinet doors in a variety of shapes and sizes. Chrissy (our master artisan and painter) applies the slate blackboard surface, then paints the wood frame the desired color. A final step of distressing and finessing and your chalkboard is complete. space space As you can see, some are kept simple and rustic while others are given a more decorative flourish with unique appliques. We even include a holder for your chalk!  Now, isn't that a lot more interesting than a Post-It note? space space And, with typography being so popular in home decor, these chalkboards are a perfect vehicle for expressing many thoughts and sentiments. Fantastic in children's rooms too. Come in and check out our selection or let us help you design your own custom message center.