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Artisan Spotlight: Jason Jennings

Posted on April 10, 2012 - 0 Comments

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Jason Jennings always enjoyed his wood shop class in high school. Along with the usual required assignments, Jason would invariably branch off into special projects that interested him. Candleholders, mirrors even a xylophone were just a few of the additional pieces created on his own. "I always enjoyed puzzling out the process of getting from Point A to Point B."

Even when he worked at a plumbing company for several years, Jason found his job evolved from simply repairing and installing plumbing fixtures to planning and roughing out kitchen, bathroom and laundry remodels. Again, the technical aspect of getting from one point to the next played into his interests and abilities.

When Jason started working at Victoria's Antique Warehouse, he quickly moved from prepping, painting and repairing furniture, to actually making it. "Vicky recognized my carpentry skills and gave me the opportunity to prove myself."

Four years later, Jason builds everything from farmhouse tables to media centers. Bookcases, kitchen islands even bars are just a few of the many custom pieces he has made.

"One of the best aspects of my job is the collaboration between the customer, Vicky and myself in developing and realizing a piece of furniture from scratch," he says. "The customer comes in with an idea of what they like and need. From there, it's a technical and creative process of attaining the desired end-result. It never stops being an interesting challenge."

Jason's Top Three Picks are also a good representation of what he does: s





One day, a customer came into the shop with the express need to house her "unsightly" flat screen TV. She wanted something unique and pleasing to the eye, yet also have compartments and storage for her components; in short, a piece that embodied "form and function."

After perusing the backroom (warehouse), she spied a pair of antique doors. "Could we make a media center out of these?"

Yes, we can --- and did. The beautiful doors became the outer shell of the media center. You can see the elegant iron columns and carved base that became the launching point for the rest of the piece. Picking up on its rustic quality, Vicky and Jason constructed the back of aged beadboard. Antique corbels were mounted on either side and a rough sawn wood top provided the crown. Ample storage was incorporated for her components with an additional bottom shelf to display decorative pieces. spac


The media center as Jason was creating it in the shop.

Upon delivering the piece to the customer's home, Jason noted, "She was not only satisfied but elated with the final outcome. Accomplishing that makes this job all the more rewarding."


* * *


space space



Again, an entire piece constructed around one element --- the top. This bookcase was inspired by the beautiful curved top that was originally from an armoire.

Incorporating this into a seamless design proved to be a challenge. The body had to be substantial enough to hold its own to the top, yet functional enough to be easily utilized in any home.

The answer: A stately bookcase. Lined with a beadboard interior, this bookcase includes five sturdy shelves for displaying and storing items and books. An open front with more beadboard detail allows for easy access and unifies the entire look. Painted a rich, muted black with subtle distressing, this piece embodies a classic understatement that blends and compliments almost any decor.

said of the finished piece, "I love this bookcase. Its classic, functional and built to last. I would put this in my home in a minute."


* * *






This handsome and classic piece was built from scratch in our shop. Constructed from four solid doors cut to a uniform fit, this bar measures an impressive 16 feet x 8 feet long. Ample shelving in the back allows for easy access and storage. Included is the necessary bar stop made from heart pine, nine large vintage corbels for accents and a beautiful old wood banister (from Clermont High School). Our artisans then painted and distressed it in a "mellowed with age" black to compliment the granite top.



. space

Detail of Leesburg Boat Club Bar.


Jason said, "After we installed the bar, it looked like it had always been there. It's a statement piece, yet naturally fills the space."

These are just a few samples of Jason's work and what is offered at Victoria's Antique Warehouse. Please stop by. We can help you achieve any of your decorating needs.